Easter (Lễ Phục Sinh)


Produced in Czech Republic | 2017 | 10 min

Language: Czech, Vietnamese (with English subtitles)

Fri Oct 12 at 1:00pm-2:45pm


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In order to offer a better future to her daughter, a Vietnamese mother moves to the Czech Republic. She even hires a Czech nanny to help her daughter integrate with Czech society. However, the mother begins to feel alienated from her daughter and she begins to question the growing gulf between them.

Tóm Lược Nội Dung

Nhằm có tương lai tốt hơn cho con gái, người mẹ Việt Nam dọn tới Cộng Hoà Séc. Bà thậm chí còn thuê vú em người Séc để giúp con gái hoà nhập vào xã hội Séc. Tuy nhiên, người mẹ bắt đầu cảm thấy xa lạ với con gái và bà bắt đầu tự vấn về khoảng cách ngày càng lớn giữa hai mẹ con.

Chih Chieh Wu

Chih Chieh Wu

Director's Biography

Born in Taiwan, Chih Chieh Wu majored literature and fashion design in university, and gradually noticed filmmaking is the only thing she really wanted to do. She currently is a master student in London Film School.

Director's Statement

When I studied FAMU in Prague, I noticed there are lots of Vietnamese grocery stores on the street. As the first generation of migration, most of those Vietnamese can’t speak fluent Czech, however their children born in Czech can not only speak fluent Czech but also become more closer to Czech culture. In order to assist their children to integrate with the Czech society, most of the Vietnamese family would hire a Czech nanny or tutor to teach their children. Then it comes to the conflict between different generation and culture, the question to self-identity, and the alienation between parent-child relationship. I hope this film could accompany some migrant family when they have to face this issue.



Chih Chieh Wu


Chih Chieh Wu


Ramzi Hazboun


Jui Tzu Chang


Chih Chieh Wu

Lead Actor/Actress:

Huyen Vi Tran, Nguyen Thuy Trang

Supporting Actor/Actress:

Jana Provázková, Nhung Dang