Executive Committee
Eric Nong – Artistic Director
Tony Nguyen – Digital Director
Tran Lee – Associate Director
Corey Linh – Communication Specialist
Jade Tu – Guest Relations, Community Outreach, and Co-Event Coordinator
Alan Trinh – Co-Event Coordinator and Volunteer Manager
Ysa Le – VAALA’s Executive Director

Development Team
Ysa Le
Tran Lee
Clementine Ngo-Anh

Curatorial Committee
Van B. Nguyen (director/writer, Thanksgiving; writer, All I Ever Wanted)
Duc Ngo Ngoc (director, Apples and Oranges)
Y Nguyen (Assistant Professor of Asian Pacific Studies, California State University, Dominguez Hills)

Community Outreach Coordinator
Clementine Ngo-Anh

Public Relations
Minh Pham

Eric Nong
Chenglin Lee
Alena Nguyen

Lead Media Producer
Jonathan Phan

Video Editor
Chinh Mai

Box Office 
Tran Lee
Bruce Ly

Graphic Designer
Han Khuong
Hau Nguyen

Lead Graphic Designer
Junnie Nguyen

Film Programming Intern
Alena Nguyen

Guest Relations Intern
Van Anh Nguyen
Vivian Tran

Marketing and Graphics Designing Intern
Tuyen Lu
Brenda Huynh

Media Productions Intern
Richard Le
Brenda Huynh

Public Relations Intern
Long Pham
Elaine Luong

Special Events Intern
Dwight Hua

Minh Pham
Jade Tu
Ysa Le