Meet the Filmmakers

Before You Run
Eric Nguyen (Director)

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Kady Le (Writer/Director)

Love and College Prep
Victor Nhieu (Director)

Spring Leaves
Stephane Ly-Cuong (Director/Writer)

Apples & Oranges
Duc Ngo Ngoc (Director)
Ariane Königshof (Costume Designer)
Christoph Eder (Sound Recording; 1st Assistant Director)

Nuoc (Water/Homeland)
Quyen Nguyen-Le (Director/Writer/Editor)
Rosi Vo-Nghiem (Lead Actress)
Jes Vu (Producer)

Summer in Closed Eyes
Thanh Tan Pham (Producer)
Cao Thuy Nhi (Director)
Takafumi Akutsu (Lead Actor)

First Generation
Loan Hoang (Producer/Writer)

Hanh, Solo
Jason Taylor (Director)
Hanh Nguyen (Lead Actress/Writer/Producer)
Brian Duffy (Actor)

The Dreaming City
Andrew DeJohn (Director/DP/Editor)

Actress Wanted
Thien Pham (Co-Producer)
Thien Nguyen (Lead Actress)
Long Nguyen (Lead Actor)
Isabelle Du (Supporting Actress)
Julian Tran (Sound Editor)
Susan Tran (Co-Producer)
Mylan Luu (Management)

Kiss and Spell
Julian Tran (Sound Editor)

Go Go Sisters
Anh Pham Thi Hong (Lead Actress)

The Purple Horizon
Kim Vui (Lead Actress)
Khanh-Phi Ha (Producer)

Lan Nguyen (Director/Producer)

Farewell Halong
Duc Ngo Ngoc (Director)
Christoph Eder (1st AD)

The Way Station
Anh Pham Thi Hong (Director)
Pham Hong Phuoc (Lead Actor)
Ngoc Thanh Tam (Lead Actress)

Murder in the Lens
Hua Vi Van (Lead Actor)

Youth in Motion

Special Guest
Ngo Thanh Van (The Rebel, The Tailor)