Kung Fu Pho (Kung Fu Phở)

Friday April 15, 2016

2:00pm | 95 min

Produced in Vietnam | 2015

Language: Vietnamese (with English subtitles)

Feature Film,

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Doan is a good-for-nothing man whose only skill is being a delivery boy for the Co Family Pho Restaurant. Orphaned at birth with no knowledge of his past, he was raised only to serve Master Co and his son, Trong, and knows no other way of life.

In his youth, Master Co was one of the only two disciples of Van Cu, the Grand Master of Kung Fu Pho, an art form that mixes the fierceness of fighting with the elegance of cooking in order to create the most renowned noodle dish in all of the land. In their final training task, Co and his rival, Vu, compete to inherit the secret pho recipe and win the title of Kung Fu Pho Master. Vu ultimately prevails.

Twenty-five years later, with the Co Pho restaurant on the brink of bankruptcy and Master Co near death, Doan is tasked with infiltrating the Vu family dojo to steal the secret pho recipe in order to save his master’s business. On his journey he finds an unlikely friend in Jennipho, a potbellied sumo fighter, who helps him become a student of Master Vu. Loyalties are tested when Doan falls for Master Vu’s daughter, Chau Nhi. Will Doan choose between saving the family that raised him or risk everything for a chance at true love? Kung Fu Pho is an action-packed family comedy that will have one laughing and craving for pho simultaneously.

By Ethan Nguyen

In attendance: Hang Trinh (Producer), Tien Pham (Actor), Set Tsui (Composer)

Nguyen Quoc Duy

Nguyen Quoc Duy

Director's Biography

Nguyen Quoc Duy is a dynamic reporter, who used to be part of the “Founding Committee” of Binh Phuoc Television. About 5 years ago, he returned to Saigon, producing many prevalent advertising clips and being the deputy director of a couple movies. His first project is a criminal thriller called “Cot moc 23” with a lot of unexpected humorous twist.